IYÉ | Inner Sustainability - Focusing on the mind and body of the individual.

ConceptInner Sustainability

"Sustainability within oneself, so to speak, focusing on the mind and body of the individual. We need to face our inner selves again, know ourselves, acknowledge ourselves, and pursue comfort. I believe that if we can go beyond that and care for our precious family and friends, society, and the environment that surrounds us in our daily lives, it will lead to small but significant sustainability.
We hope that IYÉ will be a source of strength for you."


Our ComittementMade in Japan

Each piece is made from the finest ingredients.We are very particular about "made in Japan".
In order for each of you to spend your own high-quality time in your own "IYÉ". We hope that IYÉ will become a comfortable and enriching part of your daily life.

一つひとつ素材にこだわり、made in japan にこだわり制作しました。
それぞれが思う”IYÉ” で上質で⾃分らしい時間を過ごしていただくために。

Our CreativityDesign and Detail

"A special box that is strong and eco-friendly like a wooden box.
It was created from recycled paper such as milk cartons.

Paper cartons for beverages, such as milk cartons, are made of high quality pulp and are known as "paper honors". It is good paper to begin with. There is no way not to reuse it.

IYÉ boxes are made by recycling paper and other materials from factories and households and using ultra-thick paperboard made from recycled paper.

The IYÉ paper box is made by the same processing method as the wooden box.
After the incense is gone, you can remove the top paper from the bottom of the box and use it as a small container.

※We use 100% recycled paper, but in addition to recycled beverage cartons, we also use recycled paper.